Die Donauraumstrategie: Wohlstand durch Vielfalt

Die Donauraumstrategie verbindet Menschen, um die Lebensqualität durch nachhaltige Entwicklung in der Donauregion zu verbessern“.

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EU Regio Interreg27 Okt. 2021, 10.09
Today at the🔟th Annual Forum of the #EUSDR 💡⤵ 🎙“The freshness of #youth has the potential to bring new energy in the #DanubeRegion"- Jörg Mirtlr, Priority Area9. 🎙"We need rebels, fresh thinking, openness, we need to shape the future together"- Dorota Korczyńska, DG REGIO. https://t.co/aOMwdZ5jRr
Baltic Sea Youth Platform27 Okt. 2021, 09.41
We are happy to see that youth is a topic discussed in all EU macro-regional strategies. We fully agree with our colleague Iryna that youth is here and now and solutions how to involve young people are there already. It’s great to collaborate with our colleagues in the #EUSDR. https://t.co/7oXSyG1TaP
EU Regio Interreg27 Okt. 2021, 09.36
💬“Youth is not only our future, it is our present!” – Today, the🔟th Annual Forum of the #EUSDR held a roundtable on the role of #youth in the #DanubeRegion. Let's have a look at the key points put forward by young Europeans to better shape the #EUCooperation policy! 📌⤵ https://t.co/uztUbWKwxa
Danube Region Strategy27 Okt. 2021, 07.41
#EUSDR10 – Policy papers to support financing R&I https://t.co/vnAktHag26 via @YouTube Not only that #EUSDR stakeholders consider research & innovation, but things have been move forward. Check details in the story: https://t.co/87CP22ogNP @EU_ScienceHub @EUSDR_knowledge
Danube Region Strategy27 Okt. 2021, 07.25
#Digitalisation and #innovation at the #EUSDR #AnnualForum ▶️exchanging best practice examples on updated business models, digital tools & creative industries supporting SMEs to adapt to a rapidly changing economic environment. @EUSDR_knowledge @EU_ScienceHub @Interreg_HRRS https://t.co/nbuKrwo5Xg
EUSBSR27 Okt. 2021, 06.55
The second day of #EUSDR #AnnualForum has just started. Follow the event online here: https://t.co/CDGjowSmAO https://t.co/oGHgvlqw0L

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People im Donauraum Die Regionen der Donauraumstrategie

Karte der Donauraumstrategie-Länder Deutschland (Baden-Württemberg und Bayern), Österreich, Tschechien, Slowakei, Slowenien, Kroatien, Ungarn, Serbien, Bosnien Herzegowina, Rumänien, Bulgarien, Montenegro, Moldavien und Ukraine Die Donauraumkarte mit Zusatzinformationen als Download: (Deutsch, .pdf, 2,75 Mb), (Englisch, .pdf, 2,75 Mb).